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Entry #8


2015-10-04 16:23:34 by LiamKHamilton

As I mentioned in my previous post, preperations for the short has begun, however it looks like it may spill over into a 5 part mini series ooooooh! The basic story is there and the animatic is taking shape, Still in talks with a few writers so lots may change yet!!! As it stands at the moment, the studio is half built and the turnaround sheets are finished! Spent most of the last week building ball and socket joints for the armatures, however I may be opting for a hybrid... only time will tell. So thats about it for the update, got lots of supplies arriving next week so i can get sculpting! 

ta for now!


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2015-10-05 04:42:06

noooice!! will this be your first big project, er project that comes in parts? i remember when i first came up with an idea that would go over a few animations and i had so much fun with it :>

LiamKHamilton responds:

No not the first big project, however it will be one of the biggest projects in the last few years. Spent most of the last few years working on a story and its only just started coming together! Yeah im thinking episodic, stealing the idea from the tell tale gaming franchise as thatll give me more time to structure out each part into shorts instead of one whole massive project. I think evntually once finished ill composite it all together as one film but for now the episodic approach gives me lots of options ;)