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Hi im Liam. I create art in many forms and am also an avid musician.

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Posted by LiamKHamilton - October 4th, 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post, preperations for the short has begun, however it looks like it may spill over into a 5 part mini series ooooooh! The basic story is there and the animatic is taking shape, Still in talks with a few writers so lots may change yet!!! As it stands at the moment, the studio is half built and the turnaround sheets are finished! Spent most of the last week building ball and socket joints for the armatures, however I may be opting for a hybrid... only time will tell. So thats about it for the update, got lots of supplies arriving next week so i can get sculpting! 

ta for now!

Posted by LiamKHamilton - July 30th, 2015

Bout time i did an update!

I have begun the new animatied short. yay!

that is all.


Posted by LiamKHamilton - November 8th, 2014

Just a quick update. So the intro video is done and dusted but I have a fair few things to be cracking on with in the mean time. The website is coming along nicely and the YouTube channel has been sorted along with the google+ account, got a few more things to sort out with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and some other stuff so im gonna delay any new animations until im finished. there will however, be some of my old videos uploaded, poor quality as they may be but it does show where i came from and where i am now with art in general, animation and other endevours :)

so Ill be checking in every now and again uploading art and music as i go but like i say any new stuff will be saved until im finished building my epic social media resume :P

catch ya later folks!!!

Posted by LiamKHamilton - October 30th, 2014

A little update for the Youtube intro video im doing in celibration of my new channel. Ive probably spent around 10 full days working on it and have hit a few snags along the way but from what i can salvage from using the bone tool has turned out ok. It has been about 5 years since i graduated Animation Ba hons and to be honest havent really done very much with it since. I have however developed Blue Dude the main character i created back in 2007 and have a few scripts ready for a mini series. Ive come back to Flash and have been learning so much from youtube and particulary a channel called "Draw With Jazza" it really shows through in the new short. so cheers for the vids dude!

Like i say its been a while since I last animated so any critique would be welcomed.

I also may give up on the bone tool for the next short.... then again...

ah who knows!

For a time scale i'd say as soon as ive figued out how to add my pre-roll before the animation, ill be ready to post, its a waiting game at the moment.... I'll update as soon as i know the happenings!



Posted by LiamKHamilton - October 26th, 2014

Yep stuff, Ive decided to change the ending of the youtube intro video so wont be long until its ready to post, I'd say hopefully within the month, but we shall see... had some major issues working on it, decided to try out flash cs5.5 bone tool for animating, turns out its not great so the finished results will be somewhat "movey" thats a new word to add to my dictionary, im off to bed.



Posted by LiamKHamilton - October 22nd, 2014

How do!

Things are finally taking off, We have a script rehersal this weekend and im around 1m into the YouTube Intro Video.

I have 2 brand new pre-rolls done and dusted!

Made a start on the website and the Facebook page!

its all a go go at the moment, If you like my art/music please make sure to follow as ill be uploading to Newgrounds every Friday!

As for now its back to it for me, catch ya all laterrrrr!

Posted by LiamKHamilton - October 15th, 2014

Ey Up!

So since ive started up my new Newgrounds page I thought it was high time I uploaded a few things for you to peruse and enjoy! make your way over to my page and you'll see two new songs "Jam Sandwich" a song about... well jam sandwiches and a song called "Storm Surfin" witch is basically an instrumental following a surfer into the surf, catching a wave, bailing, waiting and then finally catching the next epic wave!

you'll also find a few art images taken from one of the animations im currently working on called vortex.. its going to eventually become a mini series and uploaded to youtube. you can also find the main character on there too!

have a gander and lemme know what you think!


Posted by LiamKHamilton - October 15th, 2014

How Do!

I'm Liam K. Hamilton, but you can just call me Liam, but not lee, I dont understand why people find it necessary to shorted a name with two syllables to one... it's a different name! think of it this way, if you say lee and then afterwards make the noise you make when your thinking of somthing to say, y'know.... ummmm.... so phonetically.. lee-umm.. but dont spell it like that otherwise i'll unleash a furious anger and powers to destroy you all.

Moving on... So im and artist and like many of you here i do lot of differnt types from traditional to digital creative stuff. I completed a degree in animation a few years back and have not really broken out into any sort of career... aside making coffee in costa, so i decided it was high time i started showcasing some of my work. theres pictures, short clips and animations. Also i'll be starting up a youtube channel soon once a get a few videos finished so keep your eyes peeled for that.

So yeah, thats it from me for now, drop me a line and say hello!!